OCCIDENT Pitch Event

Thank you all for making this pitch event addressing tomorrow’s sustainability challenges such a success. Despite a currently more difficult investment environment and a generally negative investor sentiment, we can nevertheless be cautiously optimistic.

Both venture capitalists and startup founders know very well how to deal with uncertainty. Moreover, investors know how to deal with startup challenges, essentially technological challenges and entrepreneurial challenges.

Quite an essential consideration behind sustainability is that an innovative new technology uses resources as efficiently as possible. However, sustainability goes beyond technology and also means a long-term orientation and a forward-looking approach to building a business. This includes a trusting partnership with both the founders and co-investors for successfully building companies and overcoming multiple challenges.

At the event, we heard many great pitches from some OCCIDENT’s portfolio companies and the Ventureleaders Cleantech winners 2022. It has been a real pleasure to intensify partnerships to address tomorrow’s challenges together!

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