Refining our recipe for success at the end of the year

As every year, we took the opportunity just before the end of the year to pause and continue to refine with our OCCIDENT recipe for success..

First, we looked back on our achievements in our annual review, celebrating in particular our successes such as the exit of Versantis, as well as three new and five follow-on investments. We then looked ahead in our outlook to ensure that OCCIDENT’s successes continue over the coming years.

Finally, we spiced up our recipe for success with a hefty dose of team spirit. After being introduced to the basics of Japanese cuisine by Sherly, we were able to cook our own Japanese menu and spent a fun evening full of memories of the last great years.

Follow-up Investment in Resistell Overview OCCIDENT Pitch Event
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Having sharpened our investor profile and revised our communi­cation, we get to the point: OCCIDENT – The Science Investor.