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Non-invasive artificial voice technology

Altavo is a Dresden-based Med­tech start-up with the vision of improving the reha­­­­bili­tation and quality of life of people without a voice. Based on a combi­­nation of AI algo­rithms and non-invasive radar sensor techno­logy, the company is deve­loping an arti­ficial voice that sets new standards in terms of voice quality and user-friendli­ness. The first field of appli­cation is cancer patients who have lost their voice after laryn­­gectomy.

High aspect ratio test chips for semi­con­ductors

Chipmetrics sets a new standard by develo­ping and manu­­facturing inno­vative metrology chips and wafers for the semi­con­ductor industry. The Finnish company is the leading expert in con­formality measure­­ments of thin films using 3D high aspect ratio test elements. Appli­­cations are in thin film process develop­­ment, tool quali­­fication and quality assurance in semi­­conductor and advanced materials manu­­facturing – a rapidly growing and evolving industry.

Cutting-edge catalysts for fuel cells, and beyond

ReCatalyst is a Slovenian spin-off company of the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, developing inno­vative catalysts for fuel cells. The company is building a ground­breaking nano­­technology plat­form for the pro­duction of cutting-edge (electro)catalysts for fuel cells and water electro­lyzers with the mission to opti­mize the use of plati­num group metals. The company is dedi­cated to accelerating the decarbo­ni­zation of the energy and trans­port sectors.

Innovative treatment of heart arrhytmias

EBAMed is a Geneva-based medical device company active in the ambitious field of proton therapy. The company is developing a novel treat­­ment system to monitor and react to heart move­ment during cardiac radio­ablation proce­­dures. The aim is to reduce the volume of healthy heart exposed to more than 20 gray of protons/photons during cardiac radio ablation, thereby maxi­­mizing long-term safety for patients.

Smart & Integrated Sensors for Mechanical Engi­neering

core sensing from Darm­stadt develops an inno­vative sensor techno­logy that uses smart sensors inside mechanical compo­nents in combi­nation with intelli­gent algorithms to provide valuable insights into machines, plants and commercial vehicles. This allows them to be digitized and thus operated more efficiently, potential problems to be detected at an early stage, expensive scrap and down­time costs to be avoided, and new digital business models to be imple­mented.

Revolutionizing Breath Aerosols Diagnostics

Avelo is a Zurich-based diagnostics startup developing a simple breath collector to improve the diagnosis of tuber­culosis and other respiratory infections that cause pneumonia – the fourth leading cause of death worldwide. The breath collector will enable non-invasive and painless samples, particularly from the lower respiratory tract, which can be analyzed with existing PCR testing infra­structure.

Peptides and Proteins for Mass Applications

mk2 is a Munich-based biotechnology company specializing in the develop­ment, production and research of peptides. The basis for this is a revolutionary techno­logy platform, which enables the scalable and thus cost-effective synthesis of peptides of the highest quality and purity. With the help of this tech­no­logy, authentic peptides with any physical and chemical properties can be synthesized.

Leader in Magnetic Blood Purification

hemotune is developing a unique approach to extra­corporeal blood purification. The HemoSystem platform techno­logy uses magnetic nano­particles to selectively remove previously inaccessible bio­molecules from the blood. Initially, the method is to be used primarily in cases of an uncontrolled immune reaction (septic shock). In addition, the plat­form can also be used for a variety of other indi­cations.

Reimagining Antibody Drug Conju­gates

Tubulis uses proprietary techno­logies to develop novel drugs whose mecha­nisms of operation address the deep-seated causes of the respective disease. The goal is to expand the thera­peutic potential of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) to enable more targeted and effective treat­ment of cancer and other diseases.

Application Security Testing Powered by AI

Code Intelligence enables software security testing through inno­vative fuzzing already in the develop­ment phase. Using CI Fuzz, vulner­­abilities can be detected earlier and fully automatically, so that developers can analyze bugs faster and fix them at the code base. CI Fuzz thus drastically improves software stability and reliability.

Disarming Chronic Neuro­pathic Pain

Algiax Pharmaceuticals researches and develops inno­vative pro­ducts for the treat­ment of diseases with high unmet medical demand. The core of the develop­ment is AP-325, a low-molecular GABAA receptor modulator, which is currently in clinical develop­ment as a therapy for neuro­pathic pain.

Re-Inventing Tumor Targeting

Thermosome is a clinical-stage drug develop­ment company focused on targeted tumor therapy with immune stimu­lation for improved cancer therapy. At its core is a novel, proprietary tumor targeting approach that allows for increased local drug concen­trations and improved tumor pene­tration to achieve improved clinical treatment efficacy. The lead candidate THE001 is a thermo­sensitive formu­lation of doxorubicin being developed in soft tissue sarcoma.

Next Generation of Diagnostic Imaging

iThera Medical develops opto­acoustic imaging systems for pre­clinical research and clinical diagnostics. Opto­acoustics uses the photo­­acoustic effect – absorption of laser light in tissue generates an ultra­sound signal – the analysis of which, without invasive inter­vention, provides infor­mation on a wide range of indi­cations, such as cancer or inflam­matory diseases.

Leader in Phenotypic Nanomotion Technology

Resistell is developing a technology for quicker, more precise antibiotic susceptibility testing. After bacteria have been exposed to antibiotics, their effect can be demons­trated by the changing move­ment of bacterial cells. In comparison to a culture-based anti­biogram, this method provides results within a few hours. This allows patients to receive the right medi­cation in the right concen­tration, from day one.

Leading the Digital Trans­formation of Glaucoma Care

Implandata Ophthalmic Products (IOP) designs, produces and distributes disruptive solutions for ophthal­mology, particularly for glaucoma patients. The CE-approved eyemate® system combines state-of-the-art medical techno­logy with digital health solutions and therefore enables more efficient therapy and disease manage­ment.

Personalized Therapies for the Heart

advanceCOR develops innovative medi­cations for the treat­ment of cardio­­vascular diseases. At the heart of this research and develop­ment is Revacept®, a therapeutic agent in clinical develop­ment for the treatment of acute arterial throm­boses and thrombo­embolism.

Smart Workplaces powered by Eye Control

4tiitoo develops a framework for Natural User Interfaces (NUIA), which can be used in all appli­cations and which allows controlling the computer using eyes, gestures and speech. As a result, work­places can be designed more productively and employees can accomplish their tasks more efficiently, safely and with fewer ergonomic restrictions.

Global Pioneer in 3D Cell Culture Models

InSphero offers advanced yet easy-to-use tissue-based 3D assay solutions for predictive drug classi­fication to bring more reliable, effective drugs to the market faster. The core of the solution are the physio­logically relevant 3D InSight™ platforms and associated microchip technologies.

Digitalizing the Music Industry

iMusician provides copyright services to musicians around the world. The company monetizes copyrights, organizes digital distri­bution, handles license fees and also offers mastering of tracks for tens of thousands of musicians.

Successful Exits

Therapeutic Antibodies for Veterinary Medicine

adivo developed a technology platform for the selection of species-specific thera­peutic anti­bodies for veterinary medicine. These anti­bodies had predefined characte­ristics that enabled the generation of lead candidates with optimal functio­nality for dogs and other animals. After the ongoing colla­boration in canine antibody drug discovery since 2021, which was expanded to include adivo’s novel feline antibody library in 2022, the exit to Zoetis Inc. (NYSE:ZTS), the global leader in animal health, took place in 2023.

Game-changer in Spatial Biology

Lunaphore was developing an immuno­histo­chemical testing procedure that uses micro­fluidic systems to achieve faster, more precise analysis of tumor tissue. In addition, Lunaphore enabled digital pathology by inte­grating imaging systems such as a micro­scope with sequential data extraction. Lunaphore was acquired by the global life sciences company Bio-Techne Corporation (NASDAQ:TECH) in 2023.

Treating Rare Life-threatening Liver Diseases

Versantis developed drugs and diagnostics for the treatment of acute and chronic liver failure with the aim of revolutionizing previous standards of care. The lead project VS-01 was in pre-clinical phase 2 at exit with the potential to become a first-line therapy for chronic liver failure. Versantis was acquired by GENFIT in September 2022 to jointly continue the develop­ment of its revolutionary therapeutics.

Reinventing Molecular Diagnostics

GNA Biosolutions developed a disruptive PCA (Pulse Controlled Amplification) technology for DNA analysis from complex clinical samples. GNA’s technology delivers results within a few minutes and is therefore significantly faster and cheaper than other solutions in the field of mole­cular diagnostics. GNA’s rapid tests were also used for the diagnosis of COVID-19.

Software Platform for the Pharmaceutical Industry

cunesoft developed an innovative software platform for the pharma­ceutical industry’s regulatory processes, which leads to more efficient processes and thus to easier and faster drug approval. In early 2020, the company exited to Phlexglobal, a leading provider of technologies and services in the clinical and regulatory area.

Cloud-based Image Recognition Solutions

kooaba developed an augmented reality technology platform for image recognition on mobile devices. By enriching it with additional information about the identified object, an exciting combination of the physical world with digital content is created. In 2014, kooaba was acquired by Qualcomm, one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers of products for mobile communications.

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