European universities are among the best in the world and a key driver of global scientific progress.

However, attracting adequate funding to translate these great scientific achievements into successful businesses remains the Achilles heel of the European innovation ecosystem.

Therefore, we are excited to see the sentiment now changing and a greater focus is being put on building a healthy European deep tech ecosystem, fuelled by the success of many great European startups in recent years.

As an early-stage deep tech investor, most of our portfolio companies are spinoffs from universities or research institutions. To further collaborate with leading universities and research institutions, we have launched our OCCIDENT@ACADEMIA program, where we actively seek to support young academic startups on their entrepreneurial journey.

We are super excited about our first OCCIDENT@ACADEMIA event “How to successfully apply for an EIC Accelerator grant” in collaboration with Helmholtz and our portfolio company Resistell on February 27.

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