Follow-on invest­­­­ment in hemotune

Our portfolio company hemotune success­fully closed a CHF 14 million financing round.

OCCIDENT participated in this Series B2 round led by Belmondo, with continued support from existing investors including VP Venture Partners, HEMEX and Zürcher Kantonalbank, and was joined by EFI Lake Geneva Ventures.

The funds will be used for the clinical develop­ment of hemotune’s blood purifi­cation plat­form, HemoSystem. This inno­vative system can effectively remove large bio­mole­cules directly from patients’ blood­stream. Currently, hemotune is mainly targeting sepsis-induced immuno­suppression, but the techno­logy has enormous potential for multiple future appli­cations.

Huge congratu­lations to Lukas, Carlos, Jean-Claude, Ursina, Stephanie, Sami and the whole team! We look forward to the next exciting steps in the company’s develop­ment.

More information in the press release under the following link

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