Strategic Partnership of Bio-Techne and Lunaphore

Bio-Techne and our portfolio company Lunaphore have partnered to develop a fully automated spatial multiomics workflow for the detection of protein and RNA biomarkers on the same slide.

The partnership aims to bring the power of next-generation spatial multiomics to the research community with a fully automated and scalable solution.

The project leverages Lunaphore’s portfolio of sequential multiplexed immunofluorescence solutions and aims to provide tissue morphology, scalability and reproducibility for translational and clinical research applications.

Lunaphore’s COMET instrument, which fits into the standard histology workflow, enables detection of hyperplex proteins at single-cell and subcellular resolution using non-conjugated primary antibodies. Bio-Techne’s RNAscope HiPlex technology will be integrated into the workflow to enable visualization of RNA biomarkers with high sensitivity and specificity.

Read more in the press release at the following Link

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