02/2024 Portfolio

Initial Investment in Altavo

We are excited to announce OCCIDENT investing in Altavo and taking the lead in the over­subscribed €5 million Series A round. Altavo is a Dresden-based MedTech start-up with strong ties to the Technical University of Dresden.

Based on non-invasive radar sensing and inno­vative artificial intelligence algo­rithms, Altavo is developing an arti­ficial voice with the vision of improving the reha­bilitation and quality of life of aphonic and severely voice-impaired patients. The technology can be applied in various fields, such as for cancer patients who have lost their voice due to a laryn­gectomy or for patients during mechanical venti­lation. In addition, Altavo’s technology opens up completely new oppor­tunities in the field of silent communi­cation and human-machine inter­faces.

The funds will finance the product develop­ment, the pivotal clinical trial and the company’s growth.

More information in the press release under the following link

More about Altavo

01/2024 Portfolio

Initial Investment in Chipmetrics

OCCIDENT invests in the Finnish company Chipmetrics, which sets a new standard for the semi­conductor industry by developing and manu­facturing inno­vative metrology chips and wafers. Chipmetrics is a spin-off from the inter­nationally renowned Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), one of the largest and most inno­vative research centers in Europe. With its semi­conductor test chips, Chipmetrics is the leading expert in conformality measure­ments of thin films using 3D high aspect ratio test elements – making them signifi­cantly faster, cheaper and more accurate.

The over­subscribed Series Seed of 2.4 million euros was closed under the co-lead of OCCIDENT and High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) from Germany, together with Finnish investors Innovestor, Redstone and BALD Engineering. With this important mile­stone, the full product develop­ment pipe­line can be realized and the global customer base expanded.

More information in the press release under the following link

More about Chipmetrics

01/2024 About

OCCIDENT and CO-OPERAID enable “Talents”

Again this year, on the occasion of the International Day of Education on January 24, we look back together with CO-OPERAID on a success­ful year of CO-OPERAID’s “Talents” program.

The “Talents” program gives motivated and talented teenagers and young adults from dis­advantaged families in less developed countries – currently from Bangla­desh, Cambodia, Laos and Kenya – the oppor­tunity to complete an education at a technical college or study at a university. We are delighted that OCCIDENT, as an anchor donor in this program, has already been able to support over 100 students by the end of 2023!

Whether as a doctor, nurse, kinder­garten teacher, school­teacher, or lawyer, 50 scholar­ship holders have already been able to complete their education in recent years, and a further 57 will be actively supported in 2024. The aim is giving exceptional talents a chance to improve not only their own lives, but also those of their families and the entire community.

This is another way in which we at OCCIDENT create added value for society. We wish all our scholar­ship holders a success­ful year!

More about CO-OPERAID

01/2024 Team

Welcome to the OCCIDENT Team, Paul!

Paul will support our Life Sciences Team in Munich as Junior Investment Manager. He holds a Master’s degree in Manage­ment from the Technical University of Munich and a Master’s degree in Chemistry. Paul previously gained professional experience as an innovation consultant and as an executive at a German fintech start-up.

In his role at OCCIDENT, Paul will build his own startup portfolio by leveraging his experience to provide compre­hensive assessment and due diligence for new investment opportunities.

We are looking forward to a future of inno­vation, sustainable growth, and fruitful collaboration!

01/2024 Team

Welcome to the OCCIDENT Team, Eliane!

Eliane is joining our Life Sciences Team in Zug as an Invest­ment Analyst. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Biomedicine at the University of Zurich and earned a master’s in Health Science and Technology from ETH Zurich, which also included clinical research conducted in South Africa. Eliane gained her first professional experience as a Business Analyst Intern at the Swiss start-up Planted Foods.

At OCCIDENT, Eliane applies her expertise and under­standing to support the compre­hensive analysis and due diligence of new invest­ment oppor­tunities.

We are looking forward to a great colla­boration!

01/2024 Team

Congratulations to Sandra on her promotion!

After almost 10 years with OCCIDENT, Sandra knows the business really well and particularly masters her responsi­bilities in OCCIDENT’s finance department, the back­bone of all the group’s engage­ments and invest­ments. Sandra’s continuous develop­ment and drive to learn and improve is truly fascinating, so we are now very proud to announce her promotion to Finance Manager.

We look forward to Sandra further shaping OCCIDENT with her strong commitment and passion, her exceptional process orientation and her curiosity for new topics. With her strong team orientation and in-depth expertise, Sandra is proudly recognized as the heart of the company.

Thank you, Sandra, for this amazing develop­ment and your dedi­cation. The entire OCCIDENT Team highly appreciates you!

12/2023 About

Crisis Needs Courage

As 2023 draws to a close, we would like to briefly reflect on what has kept us busy over the past 12 months. The year was characterized by some very contrasting develop­ments, by both very positive successes and very challenging situations for many founders and venture capital investors.

At OCCIDENT, we are a reliable partner for our founders and support and finance our portfolio companies when it matters. Our day-to-day activities are strongly entre­preneurial and value-driven, and we make necessary decisions courageously and with a holistic perspective. We take a long-term view of venture capital investments, regardless of temporary trends or crises.

Our courageous approach has also proven itself in 2023. We are very pleased to have achieved two successful exits with adivo and Lunaphore, to have accompanied 9 financing rounds and to welcome 3 new start-ups to our portfolio, as well as to have expanded our investment team by two more members from the new year. Challenging times require strong leadership and vision, deep under­standing and experience to successfully tackle a wide range of societal challenges.

We would like to thank all of our valued partners, co-investors and highly motivated founders for the excellent collaboration in 2023 and look forward to what 2024 will bring! At the very least, we can be sure that there will be challenges in 2024 that will require courage to overcome successfully.

Until then, we wish you a peaceful Christmas season, a relaxing break before the start of the new year and all the best for 2024!

12/2023 Portfolio

Avelo receives a 1.5M Innosuisse Grant

Following the Eurostars grant in October, our portfolio company Avelo, a Swiss breath diagnostics start-up, has been awarded a CHF 1.5M Innosuisse Startup Innovation Project to further develop a new breath sampling device called AveloCollect.

The device is aimed at improving the diagnosis of lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs), which are currently the fourth leading cause of death worldwide.

This 34-month project leverages Avelo’s ongoing Eurostars project and will focus on clinical development and market readiness for AveloCollect. This device’s compatibility with various respiratory pathogens positions this product as a potential game changer for roll-out in European markets and offers opportunities for global commercial partnerships.

More information in the press release under the following link

11/2023 Portfolio

Tubulis out-licenses TUB-010

We’re thrilled to announce this exciting news in cancer innovation: Tubulis has inked its second major deal this year! As part of the deal, Tubulis out-licenses the Antibody-Drug Conjugate TEQ102 (formerly TUB-010) to Oncoteq, a Switzerland based biotech company focused on innovative cancer medications.

TEQ102 is a potential best-in-class treatment for CD30 positive Lymphomas, which includes among others T-Cell and Hodgkin Lymphomas. The ADC was developed based on Tubulis innovative TubTag® linker technology, which allows for a highly selective and reliable delivery of cytotoxic agents to CD-30 expressing cancer cells.

TEQ102’s unique properties could enable higher and more effective doses, paving the way for long-term treatments and significantly improving outcomes and quality of life for patients. The IND-ready drug candidate will target a market projected to exceed USD 3 billion within the coming years.

We congratulate the whole Team of Tubulis for achieving this great deal!

More information in the press release under the following link

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