mk2 Biotechnologies

mk2 is a Munich-based biotechnology company specializing in the development, production and research of peptides. The basis for this is a revolutionary technology platform developed by mk2, which enables the scalable and thus cost-effective synthesis of peptides of the highest quality and purity. With the help of this tech­nology, authentic peptides with any physical and chemical properties can be synthesized.


hemotune is developing a unique approach to extracorporeal blood purification. The HemoSystem platform technology uses magnetic nanoparticles to selectively remove previously inaccessible biomolecules from the blood. Initially, the method is to be used primarily in cases of an uncontrolled immune reaction (septic shock). In addition, the platform can also be used for a variety of other indications.


Tubulis uses proprietary technologies to develop novel drugs whose mechanisms of operation address the deep-seated causes of the respective disease. The goal is to expand the therapeutic potential of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) to enable more targeted and effective treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Code Intelligence

Code Intelligence enables software security testing through innovative fuzzing already in the development phase. Using CI Fuzz, vulner­abilities can be detected earlier and fully automatically, so that developers can analyze bugs faster and fix them at the code base. CI Fuzz thus drastically improves software stability and reliability.

Algiax Pharmaceuticals

Algiax Pharmaceuticals researches and develops innovative products for the treatment of diseases with high unmet medical demand. The core of the development is AP-325, a low-molecular GABAA receptor modulator, which is currently in clinical development as a therapy for neuropathic pain.

GNA Biosolutions

GNA Biosolutions develops a disruptive PCA (Pulse Controlled Amplification) technology for DNA analysis from complex clinical samples. GNA’s technology delivers results within a few minutes and is therefore significantly faster and cheaper than other solutions in the field of molecular diagnostics. GNA’s rapid tests are also used for the diagnosis of COVID-19.


Thermosome develops drug candidates based on its proprietary technology platform for thermo­sensitive liposomes (TSL). TSLs are heat-inducible nano­carriers for local and targeted drug delivery that can achieve up to 15 times higher local drug concentrations. The aim is to improve the treatment of localized diseases such as tumors.


iThera Medical develops optoacoustic imaging systems for preclinical research and clinical diagnostics. Optoacoustics uses the photo­acoustic effect – absorption of laser light in tissue generates an ultrasound signal – the analysis of which, without invasive intervention, provides information on a wide range of indications, such as cancer or inflammatory diseases.


Resistell is developing a technology for quicker, more precise antibiotic susceptibility testing. After bacteria have been exposed to antibiotics, their effect can be demonstrated by the changing movement of bacterial cells. In comparison to a culture-based antibiogram, this method provides results within a few hours. This allows patients to receive the right medication in the right concentration, from day one.


adivo is developing a technology platform for the selection of species-specific therapeutic anti­bodies for use in veterinary medicine. These antibodies have pre-defined characteristics that allow the generation of lead candidates with optimal functionality for dogs and other animals.


Implandata Ophthalmic Products (IOP) designs, produces and distributes disruptive solutions for ophthalmology, particularly for glaucoma patients. The CE-approved eyemate® system combines state-of-the-art medical technology with digital health solutions and therefore enables more efficient therapy and disease management.


advanceCOR develops innovative medications for the treatment of cardio­vascular diseases. At the heart of this research and development is Revacept®, a therapeutic agent in clinical development for the treatment of acute arterial thromboses and thromboembolism.


4tiitoo develops a framework for Natural User Interfaces (NUIA), which can be used in all applications and which allows controlling the computer using eyes, gestures and speech. As a result, workplaces can be designed more productively and employees can accomplish their tasks more efficiently, safely and with fewer ergonomic restrictions.


Versantis develops therapeutics and diagnostics for the treatment of patients with acute and chronic liver failure. The main project VS-01 is currently in clinical phase 1 and has the potential to be a first-line therapy for chronic liver failure that simultaneously supports the function of several affected organs.


Lunaphore is developing an immuno­histo­chemical testing procedure that uses micro­fluidic systems to achieve faster, more precise analysis of tumor tissue. In addition, Lunaphore enables digital pathology by integrating imaging systems such as a microscope with sequential data extraction.


InSphero offers advanced yet easy-to-use tissue-based 3D assay solutions for predictive drug classification to bring more reliable, effective drugs to the market faster. The core of the solution are the physiologically relevant 3D InSight™ platforms and associated microchip technologies.


iMusician provides copyright services to musicians around the world. The company monetizes copyrights, organizes digital distribution, handles license fees and also offers mastering of tracks for tens of thousands of musicians.




cunesoft developed an innovative software platform for the pharma­ceutical industry’s regulatory processes, which leads to more efficient processes and thus to easier and faster drug approval. In early 2020, the company exited to Phlexglobal, a leading provider of technologies and services in the clinical and regulatory area.



kooaba developed an augmented reality technology platform for image recognition on mobile devices. By enriching it with additional information about the identified object, an exciting combination of the physical world with digital content is created. In 2014, kooaba was acquired by Qualcomm, one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers of products for mobile communications.



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