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High aspect ratio test chips for semi­con­ductors

Chipmetrics sets a new standard by develo­ping and manu­­facturing inno­vative metrology chips and wafers for the semi­con­ductor industry. The Finnish company is the leading expert in con­formality measure­­ments of thin films using 3D high aspect ratio test elements. Appli­­cations are in thin film process develop­­ment, tool quali­­fication and quality assurance in semi­­conductor and advanced materials manu­­facturing – a rapidly growing and evolving industry.

Cutting-edge catalysts for fuel cells, and beyond

ReCatalyst is a Slovenian spin-off company of the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, developing inno­vative catalysts for fuel cells. The company is building a ground­breaking nano­­technology plat­form for the pro­duction of cutting-edge (electro)catalysts for fuel cells and water electro­lyzers with the mission to opti­mize the use of plati­num group metals. The company is dedi­cated to accelerating the decarbo­ni­zation of the energy and trans­port sectors.

Smart & Integrated Sensors for Mechanical Engi­neering

core sensing from Darm­stadt develops an inno­vative sensor techno­logy that uses smart sensors inside mechanical compo­nents in combi­nation with intelli­gent algorithms to provide valuable insights into machines, plants and commercial vehicles. This allows them to be digitized and thus operated more efficiently, potential problems to be detected at an early stage, expensive scrap and down­time costs to be avoided, and new digital business models to be imple­mented.

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