We invest in ventures, because we believe that innovation and progress will improve the quality of life in the future.

We are fascinated by founders with visionary ideas and solid business skills – people who can take a good idea and build it into a great enterprise.

Our investment decisions are driven by a strong orientation towards the future. Following our guiding principle that “tomorrow happens today”, we finance start-ups in the present that will generate added value for society in the future.

For us, one of most important prerequisites for investment is to understand the technology and the product.

As a partner for start-ups, we offer strong financial backing, a long-term outlook and wide-ranging areas of expertise. We value mutual trust and, if necessary, are happy to get involved. As experienced business people ourselves, we are familiar with the challenges of running a successful company.

Investment focus

We invest in ventures in the fields of high-tech, digital and the life sciences.

As investors, we are essentially open-minded and interested in the challenging topics of the future.

If – after a thorough examination – we identify a specific potential for success, we invest in compelling start-ups that make sense. For us, the people behind a start-up, along with their vision and motivation, are the keys to success. Fundamentally speaking, the technology and the product must offer tangible benefits to potential customers.


We’re seeking

  • highly motivated founders and dynamic teams who are working to reach ambitious goals and change the future;
  • excellent technology and proucts with the potential to evolve, and strong patents.

We provide

  • initial financing in return for a minority stake from the seed stage onwards (from EUR 500,000 in the life sciences and high-tech industries, and from EUR 250,000 in the field of digital);
  • follow-up financing in the event of convincing results;
  • geographical focus on Germany and Switzerland

Portfolio excerpt


Numbrs develops and sells products for the execution of bank transactions, the purchasing of financial products and asset management. The namesake application is the market leader among bank-independent banking apps in Germany.


Based on immunohistochemical testing procedures, Lunaphore is developing a method to analyze tumor tissue more quickly and more precisely, thanks to microfluidic systems.


Using companion diagnostics, advanceCOR develops innovative medications for the personalized treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The company specializes in innovative biological medications in areas with strong medical demand, with development from the pre-clinical phase through to proof of concept in phase II studies on patients.


hemotune develops a unique approach to extracorporeal blood purification. The HemoSystem platform technology uses magnetic nanoparticles to selectively remove previously inaccessible biomolecules from the blood. Initially, the method is to be used primarily in cases of an uncontrolled immune reaction (septic shock). In addition, the platform can also be used for a variety of other indications.


Tubulis uses proprietary technologies to develop novel drugs whose mechanisms of operation address the deep-seated causes of the respective disease. The goal is to expand the therapeutic potential of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) to enable more targeted and effective treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Code Intelligence

Code Intelligence helps companies to build secure and reliable software by automating their security testing process. The ‘CI Fuzz’ platform allows every company to benefit from the advantages of modern fuzzing. The focus on effortless usability enables security testing experts and developers alike to perform continuous automated security and reliability tests.

Algiax Pharmaceuticals

Algiax Pharmaceuticals is a Düsseldorf-based clinical-stage biotechnology company. It is dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative products to treat diseases with high unmet medical needs. Algiax’ lead candidate AP-325 is a small-molecule GABAA receptor modulator for the treatment of neuropathic pain.

GNA Biosolutions

GNA Biosolutions is a molecular diagnostics company based in Munich. Using GNA’s disruptive PCA (pulse controlled amplification) technology, DNA from complex clinical samples can be analyzed, enabling ultra-fast and cost-effective molecular diagnostics. The tests are being developed for a number of therapeutic areas, including infectious diseases and biothreats.


The Munich-based biotech company Thermosome is developing drug candidates based on its proprietary technology platform for thermosensitive liposomes (TSL). TSLs are heat-inducible nanocarriers for local drug delivery that can achieve up to 15 times higher local drug concentrations. This significantly improves the treatment of locally advanced solid tumors.


The Munich-based diagnostics company iThera Medical develops imaging methods for medical diagnostics based on multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT). This laser-enabled technology allows for the evaluation of optical tissue properties and thus enables a more accurate and non-invasive diagnosis in a variety of indications such as cancer and inflammatory diseases.


The Basel based diagnostic startup Resistell develops a technology for more precise and fast antibiotic susceptibility testing. This method provides results within a few hours instead of the usual time of several days. This allows patients to receive the right medication from day one.


Adivo is a Munich based biotech company specialized in generating species-specific therapeutic antibodies for companion animals. The adivo team aims to address high medical needs in dogs including cancer and chronic inflammation, with the potential of expanding activities into the development of therapeutics for other species in the future.


Implandata Ophthalmic Products is a medical device company based in Hannover, which specializes in an underserved area in the care of glaucoma patients. Implandata’s disruptive products combine innovative medical technology with cutting-edge information technology to create transformative solutions for better, more efficient glaucoma therapy, to the benefit of glaucoma patients, their families and caregivers.


4tiitoo’s NUIA software platform accelerates daily work processes by incorporating eye-gaze and voice-control technology as well as AR interaction into programs such as SAP, Office and CAD, rendering work environments more productive, more secure and more attractive.


Versantis is a Swiss pharmaceutical company developing a new generation of therapeutics and diagnostics to revolutionize the treatment of patients with acute and chronic liver failure.


InSphero is a preferred partner of leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for bringing more reliable, more effective drugs to the market more quickly. They do so with physiologically relevant 3D InSight™ microtissues and corresponding services.


iMusician provides copyright services to musicians, monetizing copyrights (music distribution, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.) and handling license fees for tens of thousands of musicians around the world.




The Zurich based ETH spin-off kooaba developed an image recognition technology connecting the physical world to digital content and was the first to introduce mobile visual search. The company was acquired by Qualcomm in 2014 and integrated into its AR team Vuforia. The Vuforia platform is considered one of the industry’s most advanced and widely adopted augmented reality technology platform.



Cunesoft built an innovative software platform for the demanding regulatory life sciences industry, drawing upon artificial intelligence and a sophisticated support system with a compliance guarantee. With Phlexglobal, Cunesoft has found a perfect match for its further internationalization of its unique software solution from 2020 onwards.


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