We invest in properties, because we want to create space for the future and give people homes.

Our investment decisions are centered around people, with all of the requirements and needs that each different phase of life and living situation brings.

We are excited by innovative living and working concepts that inspire people and give them freedom, and that do not impose boundaries or follow conventions.

Because “tomorrow happens today”, we finance properties that will enrich peoples’ lives in the future, giving them the space to turn their dreams into reality. With this in mind, we see ourselves as long-term investors and have no interest in short-term speculation.

Investment focus

We invest primarily in residential and office properties, looking for unique projects with individual appeal.

We are active around the world, concentrating on cities with both economically balanced migration and potential for economic growth.

We invest in sustainable, top-notch real estate projects that generate value for us via rental income. As we take pleasure in creating new things, we also finance real estate development projects.

Portfolio excerpt

  • Vancouver
  • Vienna
  • Graz


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