Thermosome receives important grant

Congratulations to our portfolio company Thermosome on receiving a € 1.3 million grant of from the Innovative Health Initiative and becoming part of IMAGIO consortium.

The aim is to improve clinical outcomes through less invasive treatments for lung cancer, liver cancer and soft tissue sarcomas.

Thermosome will participate in the work package “Multimodal MR-HIFU (Magnet Resonance-High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) enabled therapy for sarcoma”. The objectives of the trial in soft tissue sarcoma patients will be the evaluation of the novel hyperthermia feature with respect to safety and performance, and tumor targeting following THE001 treatment in combination with the MR-HIFU technology. The trial will be conducted in the second half of the 4-year program, following animal studies of THE001 in combination with MR-HIFU.

More information in the press release under the following link

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