02/2019 Philanthropy

Fostering talents

Occident is the proud partner of the Co-Operaid Talents Program and this year again supports 25 disadvantaged students in Laos, Cambodia and Bangladesh with scholarships. This enables these young, highly motivated people to make their dreams come true and to create sustainable added value for the society, often disadvantaged ethnic minorities of the respective country, through their education.

In 2018, the Talents Program produced the first graduate, a lawyer from Bangladesh.

More about the Co-Operaid Talents Program

02/2019 Group

Tomorrow happens in Germany

In recent years, Occident has intensified its investment activities in Germany and we are now ready to take the next step by establishing our own branch office in Munich. We believe that Munich is a great location for our business, thanks to its top international universities and global technology leaders, along with a solid network of renowned investors.

Our goal is clear: we will press on and deepen our existing investment strategy in Germany, by reinforcing and expanding our investment team there as well.

02/2019 Ventures

News Lunaphore

Congratulations to our portfolio company Lunaphore for the launch of its first product LabSat™ for research applications!


12/2018 Human Resources

Team-Offsite Meeting in Heidelberg

At the end of the year, the Occident Team visited the German university city of Heidelberg. An exact picture of the human anatomy could be attained in the Körperwelten Museum which led to conversations about the one or the other portfolio company. The Christmas market in the picturesque old town of Heidelberg provided a very contemplative setting for Christmas.

With this in mind, we wish you a peaceful and Inspiring Christmas season!

12/2018 Ventures

News advanceCOR

The Occident portfolio company advanceCOR announces the successful completion of patient recruitment for the phase II study of Revacept in patients with symptomatic carotid artery stenosis. Congratulations on reaching this important milestone!


12/2018 Ventures

Investment in iThera Medical

Occident invests in the Munich-based diagnostics company iThera Medical together with existing investors Fluxunit – Osram Ventures, Bayern Kapital, BayBG Bayrische Beteiligungsgesellschaft and Extorel in its extended Series C financing round of 9 million euros. The company develops imaging methods for medical diagnostics based on multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT). This laser-enabled technology allows for the evaluation of optical tissue properties and thus enables a more accurate and non-invasive diagnosis in a variety of indications such as cancer and inflammatory diseases. The additional funding will be used for the further development of the MSOT systems and for entry into the clinical market.

More about iThera Medical

12/2018 Ventures

News Cunesoft

Gruenderszene.de published a good article (only available in German language) about our portfolio company Cunesoft and its use of artificial intelligence as added value for the pharmaceutical industry (link).

12/2018 Ventures

Investment in Resistell

Occident invests in the Basel based diagnostic startup Resistell, which develops a technology for more precise and fast antibiotic susceptibility testing. More information in the press release under the following link.

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